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This blog introduces recommended places in Tokyo sightseeing

This blog is written using Google translation. I do not understand foreign words.



Summary of information on Haneda Airport International Terminal

It is a summary of Haneda Airport articles 하네다 공항의 기사 요약입니다 这是羽田机场文章的概要 นี่เป็นบทสรุปของบทความเกี่ยวกับสนามบินฮาเนดะ 這是羽田機場文章的概要 How to get a bus or train at Haneda Airport Introduction of shops and resta…

【Koenji】chabashira syokudou【Japanese Food Restaurant(izakaya)】

chabashira syokudou ちゃばしら食堂 It is a 2-minute walk from the North Exit of JR Koenji StationIt is the restaurant where I went the most in my lifeIn this restaurant you can eat a variety of regional cuisine in JapanFood is very delicio…


Big Sise 216YEN CUP NOODLE CURRY カップヌードル カレー It is a curry taste of popular cup noodle series in JapanI like this curry taste bestThis is sold at all convenience stores in Japan 일본에서 인기있는 컵 누들 시리즈의 카레 맛입니다나…


BAKUMAN。 バクマン。 MANGAKA means cartoonistThis MANGA is manga of MANGAKA"I will be MANGAKA in the futureAnd if my cartoon becomes anime, you should do the voice actor of the heroineWhen that dream comes true please marry me. ""Yes. But …

【Ebisu】Tsukumo Ramen【Cheese Ramen】

Tsukumo Rame 九十九ラーメン Where is the best recommended ramen in Tokyo? , Local friends sometimes ask meI always answer 【Tsukumo Ramen】There are many kinds of ramen in Tokyo, but cheese ramen is very unusualAnd this cheese noodle of ra…