tokyo's best places

This blog introduces recommended places in Tokyo sightseeing

This blog is written using Google translation. I do not understand foreign words.



【Cup Noodles】Nissin Donbe Tempura soba

Nissin Donbe Tempura soba 日清のどん兵衛 天ぷらそば 194YEN My foreign friends have lots of people who love NISSIN.It is tempura soba at NISSIN.This is sold at all convenience stores.It has been sold since I was born, still very popular ite…

Level E

Level E レベル E Do you think you have aliens?I think there is an alien on the earth.I watched UFO in Bali with my friends.It must have been the alien.This comic is a story of an alien who came to the earth.SF, dark fantasy.It is a manga s…

【Asagaya】hope ken【Tonkotsu shoyu Ramen】

hope ken ホープ軒 It is a 1-minute walk from JR Asagaya Station.It is an old ramen restaurant.Inside the restaurant is also the atmosphere of old ramen restaurant, I love it.It is a historic important ramen restaurant.There are many ramen …