tokyo's best places

This blog introduces recommended places in Tokyo sightseeing

This blog is written using Google translation. I do not understand foreign words.



【Cup Noodles】Butakimu Ramen

butakimu ramen ブタキム ラーメン 205 yen It is ramen with kimchi and pork.It is sold at many convenience stores.It is a standard item sold for over 20 years.I can not eat spicy food, but I can eat this ramen. 김치와 돼지 고기가 들어간라면…


ONE PIECE ワンピース ONE PIECE is MANGA which is serialized by SYONEN JUMP.It started in 1997 and still serialized.Not only in Japan, it is popular all over the world MANGA.I think that there are many people who know even those who are rea…